Module Service Experience (EN)

Is it for your role important to know how to prevent unnecessary customer contacts while at the same time increase satisfaction of both customers ánd employees? Then this module fits you perfectly. I'll show you how to find the drivers to create happy customers when they contact you and how to use journeys to understand where to avoid - both for customer and organisation - unnecessary contacts, by improving those elements in the journey that have the biggest impact for your customers.

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  • Introduction
  • Quick Introduction
  • 1a. Accelerate In Experience
  • 1b. The 5 types of experience and their metrics
  • 1c. The sense and non sense of metrics
  • Assignments Introduction
  • journeys and drivers foundation
  • Quick intro journeys and drivers foundation
  • The key to latent drivers
  • Journey as structure
  • Extra: Connecting BX, SX and UX in the journeys
  • service experience
  • Quick intro Service Experience
  • The scope of SX
  • Proof financial impact SX
  • Assignment Benefits SX
  • Meaningful metrics and drivers of SX
  • Assignment Drivers of SX satisfaction.pdf
  • Extra: top 10 drivers call and e-mail
  • Extra: Tooling tips and advice CX and EX
  • The 3 successfactors
  • Quiz Service Experience
  • extra's to create energy
  • Golden tip #1 Make aftermovies
  • Golden tip #2 Kahoot quiz with drivers
  • Podcast Personal Leadership
  • Podcast Interview Zanna and Dan Cable (Alive at work)
  • Library
  • Library Accelerate In Experience
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever