Masterclass Financial Impact Experience (EN)

In this masterclass you will learn several ways to determine the financial benefits of Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Service Experience. To get a go before the start as well as to track the financial impact after the start of your program.

  • Welcome!
  • Quickstart Learning Platform
  • Introduction
  • Quick Introduction
  • 1a. Accelerate In Experience
  • 1b. The 5 types of experience and their metrics
  • 1c. The sense and non sense of metrics
  • Assignments Introduction
  • journey and drivers foundation
  • Quick intro journeys and drivers foundation
  • The key to latent drivers
  • Journey as structure
  • Extra: Connecting BX, SX and UX in the journeys
  • Financial impact Customer Experience
  • Quick intro Financial Impact Experience
  • 2a. Proof financial impact - before the start
  • 2b. Proof financial impact - after the start
  • Assignment Financial impact CX
  • Financial impact employee experience
  • 3a. Proof financial impact EX
  • Assignment Benefits of EX
  • Financial impact service experience
  • 4a. Proof financial impact SX
  • Assigment Benefits SX
  • Quiz Masterclass
  • Quiz Financial Impact Experience
  • extra's to create energy
  • Golden tip #1 Make aftermovies
  • Golden tip #2 Kahoot quiz with drivers
  • Podcast Personal Leadership
  • Podcast Interview Zanna and Dan Cable (Alive at work)
  • Library
  • Library Accelerate In Experience
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever